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Sports’ debut record, Naked All The Time, is a pure distillation of the magic and romance one might feel when catching a glimpse of a coastal city during the dusk hour. Their shimmering pop melodies invite listeners into a series of fluid, leisurely movements that offer sounds that are paired well with the summer season.  Lyrically, certain tracks tell stories of things that range from a family pet to an inflatable alien. These ideas are made enchanting through imagination and wordplay. 

    Throughout junior high and high school, members Jacob Theriot, Christian Theriot, and Cale Chronister have worked together under various project names. Naked All The Time’s distinct sound was finessed and recorded over the past year. Various tracks were demoed and recorded within separate members’ home studios that were then finalized at Blackwatch Studio in Norman, Oklahoma.  

* Sports’ name originated due to each band member’s lack of athleticism.

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